Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The inside story of President Museveni's health

Two weeks before the February 23 election, the spotlight is beginning to turn on President Yoweri Museveni who thought he could continue with his dirty tricks of trying to bring shame to FDC presidential candidate Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye without the public getting disgusted and beginning to defend Besigye.

Ugandans will wake up one day and realise that for more than 20 years they were ruled by a man who was not in his normal senses and they will wonder.

The president who behaves as if the country is his personal property is doing so for good reasons which are that he is not mentally stable, but most people don't know this.

During the nomination exercise at Mandela National Stadium in November, Museveni sat in a chair in front of EC chairman, Dr. Badru Kiggundu and waited to have his papers certified.

He kept licking his lips and twitching his mouth, as if it was dry or something. During the NRM anniversary celebrations at Kololo airstrip on January 26, 2006, he was doing the same thing.

If you watch close-up TV recordings of his speeches, you see him doing the same thing.

The drug that Museveni takes to control his bipolar disorder illness and keep his moods stable is called Lithium Carbonate. He has to take it every day.

It is a strong drug and causes the patient's mouth to dry up and the patient usually gains a lot of weight because it stimulates appetite.

This is why Museveni says he will accept defeat if beaten in a free and fair election but three days later he says he cannot leave power to anyone and go like a chicken. His has mood swings that come about because of that bipolar disorder.

If you see Museveni in group photos, most of the time the people he is standing with are smiling and relaxed, but Museveni looks stiff and moody as if his thoughts are in another place.

That is what Lithium Carbonate does to patients, according to medical sources. You can go to the Internet and check on Lithium Carbonate and you will put two and two together and understand many things about Museveni and why he does things a certain way.

People have wondered why ambassadors, ministers, opinion leaders and other invited guests go to State House or Rwakitura to see Museveni early in the morning but he makes them wait for so many hours and sometimes a person who came at 8:00 a.m. ends up meeting the Big Man at 5:00 p.m.

It is not because Museveni does not care about his important visitors or he does not know how to keep time all that much.

The real reason is because those powerful drugs he takes need him to get plenty of rest and he sleeps for many hours. So when the delegates are waiting outside under the tent, they are told that Museveni is busy meeting other people, when he is in his bedroom sleeping!

Museveni and HIV.

Many people in Kampala circles know that Museveni does not use condoms during sex. A relative of Amos Kaguta's wife said to some people in 2002 that Museveni is HIV-positive.

One time he was visiting Kasese in 2003 and he got a serious attack of the pneumonia associated with HIV. They had to fly him directly to Germany for treatment at the same clinic where he flew his daughter Natasha to deliver a baby.

If you look closely at Museveni's face and forehead, you will see many black spots and marks which were not there some years back.

In his campaign posters, the black marks have been airbrushed out, but they can be seen very well on his face. They are being caused by HIV working on his skin.

You might be wondering why Museveni kept quiet in the 2001 election campaign when he said Dr. Kizza Besigye had AIDS and Besigye said if having AIDS is a requirement for being a presidential candidate, let us all go for a test.


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