Tuesday, February 14, 2006


According to a PGB soldier who was part of the presidential convoy, an attempt was made to dodge a man carrying sugarcane on a bicycle, resulting in confusion of vehicles.

Two drivers of pick-ups accompanying the convoy acted quickly to prevent Museveni's limousine from overturning, causing Museveni to bash his head against the screen which separates him from the chauffeurs of the limousine.

The trip to Nakapiripiri for a campaign rally was cancelled and the reason given was because of fear of a meningitis outbreak.

It could not have been fear of meningitis which caused the rally to be cancelled because all the State House staff travelling with Museveni had been vaccinated against meningitis and so were not at risk.

State House has acted to make sure that the story of Museveni's accident does not get to the public because it will demoralise NRM supporters and make Museveni look vulnerable.

Sources say Museveni's head was badly hit by the screen and he will be getting treatment for several days.

Last week, 15 PGB escorts were killed when their vehicle collided with a truck in Mukono. The two incidents have spread fear within State House three weeks before the election.

This is because Pastor Robert Kayanja had issued a "prophecy" that one of the presidential candidates will die before the day of voting. Two incidents in one week are making State House wonder if Kayanja's prediction is on the way to passing.

In June, Museveni and his wife Janet invited a female pastor from Bermuda to visit Uganda and counsel them on the problems facing their regime. She is well-known for being able to offer consolation to people in tough times.

The pastor flew to Uganda at State expense to comfort a worried Museveni and his wife.


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