Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Elly Karuhanga, Kuteesa, Muhwezi were in State Research Bureau

Meanwhile, there is information coming in that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kuteesa, and the Nyabushozi politician Elly Karuhanga were dreaded operatives in Idi Amin's State Research Bureau.

Many familes in Uganda lost relatives because of Karuhanga and Kuteesa.

Karuhanga was a State Research Bureau operative by his own will and that is the reason why even if he was not a Muslim or from West Nile, as soon as Amin's regime fell in 1979, Karuhanga fled into exile. He lived in South Africa for many years before coming back to Uganda.

Kuteesa was planted in the State Research by Museveni as a double agent for FRONASA, which was Museveni's rebel organisation. When Amin fell, Kuteesa remained around Uganda and he decided with Museveni to contest the 1980 elections in the same constituency.

He was a DP member of parliament and his job for the NRA was to inform Museveni on the activity of the DP and fighters who were loyal to the DP or Buganda monarchy like Andrew Kayira and Captain George Nkwanga.

That is why we can see that Kuteesa stood against Museveni in 1980 and defeated him, but today they have done all the dirty deals and robbed the country together.

Major General Jim Muhwezi was also in the State Research Bureau while he was still a law student at Makerere University in the late 1970s.

When he finished at the university, he joined the police force. He had also been planted in the State Research Bureau by Museveni earlier.

When it came to time to go to the bush in 1981, Muhwezi escaped from Jinja Road police station with the help of another Museveni supporter Hope Kivengere and he joined Museveni's NRA.

In the NRA Museveni appointed Muhwezi to be in charge of intelligence and when they took power in 1986, Muhwezi became the director of ISO for ten years.

As time goes on, we shall be revealing more and more names of these vicious men who torture Ugandans and other people of goodwill.

If you are an intelligence man and you torture or kill people, be sure that very soon someone is going to leak your name and you will be known to the public.

Security personel respect who respect the law and dont violate human rights of Ugandans deserve our respect and gratitude for the good service they render their countrty under difficult circumstances. If you have done nothing wrong or illegal, you will always be protected and respected by your fellow citizens. We salute you.


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